Francine M. Deutsch

Professor of Psychology and Education


  • B.A., Carnegie-Mellon University
  • Ph.D., Columbia University

Courses Taught

  • Statistics
  • Social Psychology
  • Psychology of Women
  • Research Methods in Social Psychology
  • Seminar: Gender and Domestic Labor


I am currently pursuing two lines of research. The first addresses how men and women around the world divide domestic labor. I am particularly interested in how couples create equal relationships, and how students envision the balance between work and family in their futures. My second area of research focuses on the educational paths of preschool teachers. What factors facilitate and impede their pursuit of higher education?

Recent Publications

Deutsch, F. M. (2009). Egalitarian relationships. In H. Reis & S. Sprecher, Encyclopedia of Human Relationships (pp.482-483). Sage.

Deutsch, F. M. & Tong, T. L. (2011). The role of child care center directors in preschool teachers’ and teacher’s aides’ return to to school. Mentoring and Tutoring, 19, 157-177.

Deutsch, F. M. & Riffin, C. A. (2013) From teachers to students: What influences early childhood educators to pursue higher education. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 34(3),211-230.

Deutsch, F. M. & Yao, B. (in press) Gender differences in faculty attrition in the United States. Community, Work, and Family.

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