Nicole Gilbert Cote

Nicole Gilbert Cote

Senior Research Associate


B.A., Mount Holyoke College
M.A., Mount Holyoke College
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst


As a researcher in Dr. Binder's Cognition Lab, I'm part of a team that investigates eye movement behaviors among adults and children learning to read.  We also explore their writing abilities and how these skills are related to things like vocabulary, spelling and phonological awareness.

In addition to my work on literacy skills, I am interested in the experience of students who volunteer at Adult Basic Education programs where they tutor adult learners.

Recent Publications:

Ajzen, I., Joyce, N., Sheikh, S., & Cote, N. G. (2011). Knowledge and the prediction of behavior: The role of information accuracy in the theory of planned behavior. Basic and Applied Psychology, 33(2), 101-117.

Asgari, S., Dasgupta, N., & Cote, N. G. (2010). When does contact with successful ingroup members change self-stereotypes? A longitudinal study comparing the effect of quantity vs. quality of contact with successful individuals. Social Psychology, 41(3), 203-211.

Isbell, L. M. & Gilbert Cote, N. (2009). Connecting with struggling students to improve performance in large classes. Teaching of Psychology, 36(3), 185-188.

Ajzen, I. & Cote, N. G. (2008). Attitudes and the prediction of behavior.  In W.D. Crano & R. Prislin (Eds.), Attitudes and attitude change. New York: Psychology Press.

Gilbert Cote, N. & Deutsch, F. (2008). Flowers for Mom, a tie for Dad: How gender is created on Mother's and Father's Day. Gender Issues, 25(4), 215-228.