The Psychology and Education Major

(Option I with licensure or Option II without licensure)

The department offers two options for majors: Option I requires a minimum of 60 credits and leads to teacher licensure; Option II requires a minimum of 48 credits and does not lead to licensure. Both majors are interdisciplinary, which means a minor in another discipline is not required.

Option I with Licensure

Students pursuing Option I (with licensure) should elect Education 300, 325, and 323 in the senior year; and include at least one mathematics course (which may also be counted as a College distribution requirement). Students should also obtain a Field of Knowledge Self Assessment Form from the director of the program to make sure all requirements are covered in the liberal arts courses you are taking.

Option II without Licensure

Students pursuing Option II (without licensure) must take Educ 320j and design and conduct an empirically-based interdisciplinary project related to education (i.e., Education 395). The project must include analysis of data (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, archival, biographical) using any empirical method (e.g., experiment, case study, interview) and must be presented orally to the department at the end of the semester.

For more information on these programs, see the Psychology and Education chapter of the course catalogue.