The Psychology Major and Minor

The Psychology Major

The major in psychology consists of at least 32 credits of course work in research methods; statistics; social psychology; personality and abnormal psychology; developmental and educational psychology; perception, cognition, and language; and biological bases of behavior. In addition, many students complete an independent study project and work with faculty on original research.

The Psychology Minor

The minor consists of 16 credits beyond the 100 level, including research methods, statistics, and at least two other courses.

For more information, see the Psychology chapter of the course catalog.

Psychology Department Learning Goals

By participating in coursework and experiences constituting a major in Psychology or Psychology and Education, you will acquire the following knowledge and skills.

1.  Through introductory courses, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the field of psychology, the intersections among sub-fields, and the connections among theory, research, and practice (including both classic and cutting-edge questions and problems within the field).

2.  Through core courses such as statistics and research methods you will learn a variety of research approaches (both quantitative and qualitative), develop technological skills and facility with a variety of software, and become fluent in the ethical issues involved in human and non-human research.

3.  Through intermediate and advanced courses, you will learn how to read primary sources of psychological and educational research (both contemporary and historical), and learn how to analyze underlying assumptions, apply theoretical frameworks, and evaluate the validity of empirical evidence.

4.  From the curricular offerings, you will understand how psychological and educational questions and research may reflect gender, race, and social class biases and learn innovative ways of applying theory and research to critical social issues.

5.  Through our unique focus on research and independent study, you will have opportunities to develop skills as an articulate writer and speaker and gain additional research experience through participation in research projects with distinguished department faculty.