Michael Penn

Chair and William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Religion

A specialist in early Judaism and Christianity, Professor Penn’s courses include "Introduction to the Hebrew Bible," "What Didn't Make the New Testament," and "Sex and the Early Church." Professor Penn's research focuses on ancient Aramaic (Syriac) speaking Christians and the earliest strata of Christian-Muslim relations. He also uses computers to analyze ancient manuscripts. Over two dozen MHC students have been paid researchers in this digital humanities project and several have traveled to London to handle and photograph ancient Aramaic manuscripts in the British Library.

Amina Steinfels

Associate Professor of Religion

Amina M. Steinfels is the author of Knowledge before Action: Islamic Learning and Sufi Practice in the Life of Sayyid Jalal al-Din Bukhari Makhdum-i Jahaniyan (University of South Carolina Press, 2012), focused on the life of a fourteenth century South Asian Sufi master. She teaches courses about various aspects of Islam, including women and gender, Sufism, the Qur'an, Muhammad, Islam in South Asia, and classical Islamic civilization. Many of Steinfels courses are cross-listed in Asian Studies and count towards the Middle East Studies and South Asian Studies majors.

Amina Steinfels, Department of Religion

Susanne Mrozik

Associate Professor of Religion

Susanne Mrozik specializes in Buddhist Studies, with a focus on ethics and gender. Currently conducting ethnographic research on Sri Lankan Buddhist nuns, Mrozik has also researched Buddhist literary discourse on bodies, genders, and emotions. Her courses include “Body Images and Practices in Religious Traditions,” “Buddhist Ethics,” “Women and Buddhism,” and “All About Love.” Mrozik is Mount Holyoke College's advisor to the Five College Buddhist Studies Certificate Program.

Suzanne Mrozik


Lawrence Fine

Professor Emeritus of Jewish Studies

Jane F. Crosthwaite

Professor Emeritus of Religion

John T. Grayson

Professor Emeritus of Religion

Tadanori Yamashita

Professor Emeritus of Religion


Laurie L. Dion

Office Assistant
Laurie Dion

Natalina Tulik

Academic Department Coordinator

Natalina Tulik is the Academic Department Coordinator for Philosophy, Religion and Jewish Studies.  She manages the budget, purchasing, online course catalog submissions, events, award applications, and all the daily needs of faculty and majors. She has been on campus since 1999. 

Natalina Tulik