Alumnae Outcomes

Romance Languages and Cultures Alumnae frequently go on to use their languages in conjunction with work in professional, service, and voluntary agencies of the world. A good percentage of our graduates go on to teach in elementary or secondary schools, and many, recently, have decided to continue their studies at the graduate level, mostly by entering Master and Ph.D. programs in Romance Languages and Cultures. Mount Holyoke students and alumnae can use the Alumnae Association Alumnae Directory to connect with and search for Alumnae by major or career field, or find alumnae participating in the Alumnae Stay Program. The Alumnae Stay Program provides free, temporary, and safe housing to a Mount Holyoke College student or alumna traveling to pursue academic and professional growth. 

Sara Redeghieri ’16 discusses her study abroad experience and how it shaped her life.
Alexis Holliday '16
Alexis Holliday ’16: I connected with the communities I was serving by communicating with lawyers, immigration officials, and youth in their own languages.
Julia Berazneva '04
Julia Berazneva ’04: MHC was a critical stepping-stone from my academic interests to a career bettering the lives of the poor and marginalized.
Astrid Baumgardner
Astrid Rehl Baumgardner ’73: Because of the academic rigor and encouragement I experienced at MHC, I have a life and career of passion and purpose.