Majors select from among the course offerings in the language departments and complement their language study with course work in the humanities and social sciences. They are expected to take ROMLG 375, Advanced Seminar in Romance Languages and Cultures, in the years when it is offered. 

RLL 375s - Mothers and Daughters (Offered Spring 2014)

Taught in English.  Study of this crucial and problematic relationship in modern novels and films from Romance cultures. Exploration of the mother-daughter bond as literary theme, social institution, psychological dynamic, and metaphor for female creativity. Readings include Western myths and diverse theories of family arrangements (Rousseau, Freud, Chodorow, Rich, Irigaray, Giorgio, Mernissi, Nnaemeka). Authors and films will be grouped cross-culturally by theme and chosen from among: Colette, Vivanti, Morante, Ernaux, Tusquets, Roy, Roig, Rodoreda, Martin Gaite, Ramondino, Pineau, Beyala, Bouraoui; films: Children of Montmartre (La maternelle); Indochine; The Silences of the PalaceMy Mother Likes Women.

Meets Language requirement or Humanities I-A requirement

E. Gelfand

Prereq. for language majors: two courses in culture and literature at the 200-level; 4 credits; expected enrollment 16; Note: Students wishing to obtain 300-level credit in French, Italian, or Spanish must read texts and write papers in the Romance language for which they wish to receive credit.

Crosslisted with FREN 321/ ITAL 361/ SPAN 360 / GENDER 333

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