The Classroom Experience

The Romance Languages and Cultures curriculum is designed to help students build on the knowledge and skills from the introductory level through the completion of their minor or major. The content of the courses and how they are taught are meant to enhance, reinforce, and integrate knowledge. Students can take courses in the Departments of Classics and Italian, French, and Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies at Mount Holyoke College, as well as in Catalan and Portuguese in the Five Colleges. The Romance Languages and Cultures Seminar brings together the romance languages and cultures under one topic. The RL&C Seminar topics are frequently cross-listed with film studies, gender studies, history, and medieval studies. Seminar topics and more details around course selection are included on our website. For up to date course information, please see the course catalog page for the appropriate department.

El Escorial Library, San Lorenzo, Spain
ROMLG-375: Examine the structural evolution of Romance languages from Vulgar Latin to contemporary forms through the applications of linguistic theories.
Professor Frau and her students, April 2016.
ITAL-361/FREN-321/ROMLG-375/SPAN-360: Read and discuss authors who wrote about their travels for political, religious, personal and recreational reasons.