The RL&C Lynk: Classroom to Career

Students move beyond the borders of the college campus and reach local and global communities in a variety of ways. By immersing themselves in one of their romance language speaking communities, students increase their linguistic competency, better understand the intricacies of its culture, and get ready for the professional world. The Career Development Center has tips and strategies to highlight your international experience to prospective employers or graduate programs.

Astrid Baumgardner
Astrid Rehl Baumgardner ’73: Because of the academic rigor and encouragement I experienced at MHC, I have a life and career of passion and purpose.
Meaghan Haenn '15: I studied abroad in Seville, Spain, where in the classroom I learned more about immigration, and outside of class saw the reality of it
Merita Salihu '15
Merita Salihu '15: The cultural component of my studies allowed me to understand people beyond just having the language skills to communicate with them.