The RL&C Lynk: Classroom to Career

Students move beyond the borders of the college campus and reach local and global communities in a variety of ways. By immersing themselves in one of their romance language speaking communities, students increase their linguistic competency, better understand the intricacies of its culture, and get ready for the professional world. The Career Development Center has tips and strategies to highlight your international experience to prospective employers or graduate programs.

Photo of Maria Correa and Spanish Language Floor residents
Maria Correa FP '16 shares her responsibilities and challenges as the Community Advisor of a Language Living Learning program.
Alexis Holliday '16
Alexis Holliday ’16: I connected with the communities I was serving by communicating with lawyers, immigration officials, and youth in their own languages.
Sara Redeghieri ’16 discusses her study abroad experience and how it shaped her life.