Nieves Romero-Díaz Professor of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies & Chair of Romance Languages and Cultures, Study Abroad Advisor for Spain and Latin America
Professor of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies, Chair of Romance Languages and Cultures, Study Abroad Advisor for Spain and Latin America

Nieves Romero-Díazes main area of research is gender and race in Early Modern Spain. She has authored and edited/co-edited 4 books and more than 30 articles, reviews, and book chapters. Making historical and critical connections between the past and the present, her courses include Black Spain, Spain and Islam, and Gender Violence in Spain. She has received numerous (inter)national grants and awards and has presented her research at conferences, invited lectures, and symposiums in England, France, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the US.

21 Ciruti Center
Monday & Wednesday 12:20-1:10am or by Appt.
Ombretta Frau, Chair and Professor of Classics and Italian, Chair of Theatre Arts Steering Committee
Professor of Italian, Department of Classics & Italian Chair, Theatre Arts Steering Committee

Ombretta Frau's scholarly interests include Luigi Pirandello, nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Italian journals, modern philology, and women writers. Frau teaches both language and literature courses, including Sorelle di penna; Literature and Fascism; Liars, Pranksters and Jesters on the Italian Stage; and Travellers in Modern Italian Literature. Her classes incorporate many pedagogical tools, including film and music, and she believes in creating a relaxed and friendly classroom atmosphere that encourages communication.

207 Ciruti Center
Classics and Italian: W 2:00-4:00pm, Theatre: T 2:00-5:00pm or by appointment
Esther Castro Cuenca, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Spanish Language Program Director
Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Spanish Language Program Director

Esther Castro Cuenca is a Senior Lecturer and the language program director of the Department of Spanish, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies. Her research focuses on second language acquisition, cognitive linguistics, and interfaces between psycholinguistics and language learning/teaching. She teaches various levels of Spanish language as well as courses on linguistics, translation, and second language acquisition and pedagogy.

225 Central Services
Thursday 3-5pm or by Appt.
Dorothy Rooke McCulloch Professor of French
219 Ciruti Center
Monday & Wednesday 10-11am; Friday 10-noon
Lecturer in Classics and Italian

Erica Moretti’s teaching and research are both characterized by an interdisciplinary approach that draws upon literary, historical, and sociological sources. Moretti teaches language and culture courses, including Elementary Italian, Advanced Conversation and Composition, and Modern Italy Through Cinema. Her commitment to teaching is underscored by a solid pedagogical background in the theory of second-language acquisition and teaching with technology

126 Ciruti Center
Th 11:15-1:15pm or by appointment


Debra Morrisey, Administrative Assistant, Spanish Department

Debra Morrissey

Academic Department Coordinator

Debra Morrissey is the Academic Department Coordinator for the Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies Department and the Romance Languages and Cultures Program.  She is in charge of the daily operations of the departments, organizes department events, monitors department budgets, puts together course schedules, and prepares on-line catalog copy.

105 Ciruti Center
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm