Selecting Courses

Our program seeks to foster linguistic fluency and appreciation of two or more romance languages and cultures. In addition to acquiring advanced reading, speaking, listening and written proficiency in two romance languages, our students may access their literary and cultural heritage through a variety of courses as well as activities and events. Please see the Program page for requirements for the major and minor.

Besides taking courses at Mount Holyoke and in the Five College community, we encourage our student majors to investigate the many study abroad and international summer internships programs, available to them in such culturally diverse cities as Mérida (Mexico), Montpellier (France), Florence (Italy) and Seville (Spain). Regularly our students arrive at MHC with an intermediate proficiency level in one of the romance languages (201 or higher) and decide to add a second romance language, starting in 101.

If you are considering Romance Languages and Cultures as a possible major or minor, you need to talk to the chair as soon as possible. Planning is essential from their arrival at Mount Holyoke until graduation. Regular conversations between the student, their major advisors, and the chair are a key for student’s success.

The Romance Languages and Cultures Advanced Seminar (375)

The Romance Languages and Cultures Seminar brings together the romance languages and cultures under one topic. It is open to any major or minor in French, Italian, Spanish as well as students from any other disciplines. For our RLC majors, the seminar is a requirement and capstone of their experiences as majors. The seminar is taught in English and has a comparative approach. However, readings are available in the target languages, and in English. RLC students must inform the professor of the language/s in which they will do their work. RLC seminar topics are frequently cross-listed with film studies, gender studies, history, and medieval studies.

Meets Language requirement or Humanities I-A requirement.
Prereq. for language majors: two courses in culture and literature at the 200-level; 4 credits
Note: Students wishing to obtain 300-level credit in French, Italian, or Spanish must read texts and write papers in the Romance language for which they wish to receive credit.

Allied Courses

Students are advised to complement their study of romance languages and cultures with related courses in the fields of humanities and social sciences. These courses should broaden the cultural and linguistic expertise of the student.

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Romance Languages Faculty
Esther Castro, Nicole Vaget, Nieves Romero-Diaz, Elissa Gelfand, Ombretta Frau