MHC Celebrates Joseph Brodsky

Joseph Brodsky began teaching at Mount Holyoke in 1974. For the last fifteen years of his life until his death in 1996, he was Andrew W. Mellow Professor of Literature at the College. He died at the age of fifty-five. He was a recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1987 and was appointed United States poet laureate in 1991.

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MHC Celebrates Joseph Brodsky

October 17, 2010

Joseph Brodsky Photo Exhibit Moments in a Life
2 to 5 pm
Rawson House (28 Woodbridge Street, South Hadley)
Open to the public
October 8, 2010

MHC celebrated the 70th anniversary of Joseph Brodsky's birth by hosting an event in the New York Room and the Sycamores on October 8th. Speakers included President Lynn Pasquerella, Senator Rosenberg and other VIPs. Read more...

Josephy Brodsky at MHC