Russian and Eurasian Films at MHC

The following films are all in the MHC library, except for the operas, which are at the music library in Pratt. Unless otherwise noted, they are all on video and all have English subtitles.


The Cigarette Girl of Moscow (Papirosnitsa ot Mosselproma) (1924)
PN1997 .P264 1991
Director: Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky
Cast: Yulia Solntseva, Igor Ilinsky, Anna Dmokhvskaya, L. Baratov
A boisterous comedy satirizing Soviet life and the making of movies in the 1920's. Zina, a cigarette girl, is hired as an actress. She falls in love with the movie's cameraman, but lafter has problems and must return to her old job. In the end, llove triumphs in a fresh, appealing and marvelous fashion.
(78 min.)

Close to Eden (Urga) (1993)
PN1997 .U752 1993
Director: Nikita Mikhalkov
Cast: Badema, Bayaertu, Vladimir Gostukhin, Baoyinhexige, Bao Yongyan, Wurinile
In this cross-cultural comedy, Gombo, a Mongolian shepherd, and Sergei, a Russian road builder, strike up a friendship and go on the road together, headed for the city. Intending to buy a TV and condoms, Gombo is on his way to becoming a modern man. But present-day ways may not be so alluring after all.
(102 min.)

In Love by Choice (Vliublen po sobstvennomu zhelaniiu) (1982)
PN1997 .V55
Director: C. Mikaelian
Cast: Oleg Iankovskii, Evgeniia Glushenko
A comedy about a mismatched couple (a factory worker with a drinking problem and a librarian) who make a bet that they can make themselves fall in love with each other. In Russian, no subtitles.
(68 min.)

The Irony of Fate, or, Have A Nice Bath! (Ironiia sudby, ili, s legkim parom!) (1975)
PN1997 .I738 2001
Director: Eldar Riazanov
Cast: Andrei Mironov
Adventures of a young Moscow doctor in Leningrad on New Year's Eve. In Russian with optional English subtitles.

The Inspector General: a Comedy by N.V. Gogol (1954)
PN1997 .I552 1996
Director: Vladimir Petrov
Cast: I. Gorbachov, Alexei Gribov, Yuri Tolubeyev, Erast Garin
A corrupt village incorrectly believes that a medicine-show entertainer is the omnipotent Inspector General in disguise.
(130 min.)

Ivan Vasilevitch's Career (Ivan Vasilevich meniaet professiu) (198?)
PN1997 .I93
Director: Leonid Gaidai
Cast: Iuri Iakovlev, Leonid Kuravlev, Alexander Demianenko, Saveli Kramarov.
Based on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov.
(96 min.)

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (Moskva slezam ne verit) (1980)
PN1997 .M6682 1993
Director: Vladimir Menshov
Cast: Vera Alentova, Alexei Batalov, Irina Muravyova, Raisa Ryazanova
A romantic comedy about three young working-class country girls who go to Moscow in 1958 to seek work, men and success. Looks at the results of their expedition in 1978. Academy Award winner, Best foreign language film (1980).
(150 min.)

Window to Paris (Okno v Parizh) (1994)
PN1997 .O384 1995
Director: Yuri Mamin
Cast: Sergei Dontsov, An'ies Soral', Nina Usatova, Viktor Mikhailov
A down on his luck Petersburg music teacher finds a mysterious passageway in his rented room which leads directly to Paris.
(ca. 100 min.)