The Classroom Experience

Below are some of the courses that have been taught in the Russian Department. We also offer advice for selecting courses and course listings for upcoming semesters.

Dostoevsky in prison, 1849
What are the sources of evil and redemption?
Russian alphabet
Looking for a new perspective? Learn a new alphabet and see the world in ways you've never imagined!
Russian writers in the Summer Garden, by Grigory Chernetsov
What's so special about nineteenth century Russian literature? Take this course and find out!
Russian Poster
Russian is the language of diverse people and diverse opportunities. It can connect you to people, places, and ideas that you may never have imagined!
Master and Margarita
"I challenge you to a duel!" bellowed the cat, soaring over their heads on a swaying chandelier, a Browning appearing in his paws. The cat took aim....
Temple of the Sacred Trinity, Russia
Continue on your path to fluency!
Dancing during the break between sessions of the 19th Komsomol congress
What was the Cold War and how did it transform Europe? Take a look at this tumultuous time from all the angles.
Putin and Rex Tillerson
What should U.S. policy be towards Russia and the developing new states of the Baltics, Central Asia, and the Caucasia?
How do we understand Russia in the twenty-first century?