Russian and Eurasian Films at MHC

The following films are all in the MHC library, except for the operas, which are at the music library in Pratt. Unless otherwise noted, they are all on video and all have English subtitles.

Musical Comedy

Circus (Tsyrk) (1936)
PN1997 .C5682 1996
Director: Grigori Alexandrov
Cast:Lyubov Orlova, Leonid Utysov, V. Volodin, E. Mielnikova, S. Stolarov, A. Komissarov
Alexandrov's attempt at importing American musical comedy into Soviet film. An American circus star who has a black baby can only find happiness with the Soviet people in the Soviet Union.
(89 min.)

PN1997 .V66 1990z
Director: G. Alexandrov
Cast: Igor Ilyinsky, Lyubov Orlova
Love story in which the boy and girl quarrel over whether his classical music performance or her folk music performance will win the Moscow amateur talent show.
(102 min.)

The World is Laughing (Veselye rebiata) (1934)
PN1997 .V474 1996
Cast: Leonid Utesov, Lyubov Orlova
A musical comedy which pits a whip-cracking, animal-herding, good-hearted rustic with a fine voice and a Pan-like effect on all who hear him against a so-called "finer" stratum of society. Leaving a trail of mirth and mayhem from the seaside to the Moscow theater world, our hero eventually finds harmony and llifelong melody with a pretty, tuneful serving girl.
(93 min.)