Alessandra Massa at Catherine Palace
For JTerm 2017, 3 Mount Holyoke students received stipends to travel to Saint Petersburg
Maria Sozzani Photography
Recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1987, Professor Brodsky taught from 1974-1996 at Mount Holyoke College.
Amy Lim ’18 (left), Julia Kellerbauer ’18 (middle), and Lim’s mentor, Margaret (Gretchen) Lay, assistant professor of economics, Global Competence Awards ceremony.
Showing how global education is an essential part of the liberal arts, 35 seniors receive an award for the breadth of their international experiences.
Inspired by a fall class, Mount Holyoke students spent J-Term in Saint Petersburg, in an immersive course on the history of the Russian Empire.
"Carnevale," Boris Kustodiev, 1916
Congratulations to our students on their outstanding achievements!
First Prize: Ava Blum-Carr '21; Runner-up: Mia Barnes '18; Runner-up: Allison Kelley '20