Study Abroad

Church in Suzdal, Russia, Vladimir Oblast

Study abroad is highly recommended and may be used toward fulfillment of major requirements.

The department’s guide to study abroad describes summer, semester, and yearlong programs designed for undergraduates. Since admission to many study-abroad programs is competitive, students are advised to consult with members of the department early in their academic careers. We have had great success getting our students into these competitive programs.

Most of our majors study abroad for a semester or the entire year in Russia. There are numerous programs you can choose from. You should consult with the faculty on the best program for you.

Opportunities to study the non-Russian languages of Eurasia are rapidly expanding. Summer immersion programs, and summer and academic-year programs abroad offer instruction in Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Armenian, Georgian, Azeri, Uzbek, Tajik, and others. In some cases, applicants may be expected to have an intermediate-level command of Russian.

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Bridge over the Neva river, St. Petersburg