Directions to Victory International

To get to Victory International, the Russian grocery store in West Springfield:

Victory International via Route 91 South

  • Take College Street south, past the Big Y and continue on until you see signs for Rte 202 West. The entrance to 202 is just before the highway overpass.
  • Follow 202 to the rotary, and as you go around, head onto the bridge.
  • Once you cross the bridge, turn right at the light.
  • Follow this street around the corner, and turn left at the next corner onto the one way street.
  • Go straight, and after a few lights, this road will feed you into Route 91 South.
  • Stay on 91 South until Exit 7 in Springfield.
  • At the stoplight at the end of the exit ramp, turn right and cross the Memorial Bridge.
  • At the end of the bridge you'll come to a rotary. If the rotary weren't there, you would go straight, so go half way around the rotary and bear right onto Memorial Avenue.
  • At the second light, turn right onto Union Street.
  • Go under the railroad overpass and continue on for a couple of blocks.
  • Victory International will be on your right. It's a glass-front building set back at an angle from the street.

If you want to go to the Russian video/cd/book store, turn right at the corner just past the Victory. Go one block to Main Street and turn right. The video store (with the imaginative name "Books, Music, Videos") will be several blocks down on your right, in the block just past the liquor store, and in the same block as the gun store.

To get back to campus via Route 91

  • Follow Main Street (or turn around on Union and go back the way you came) back to Memorial Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Memorial Avenue, go around the rotary and onto the Memorial Bridge.
  • Once you cross the bridge, go under the overpass and turn left at the light.
  • Follow this road without making any turns, and bearing left, and it will feed you directly into Rte 91 North.
  • Once on 91 North, stay over to the middle or left and get off at Exit 16 (Rte. 202).
  • Go straight on this road, which becomes one-way eventually. It will feed you onto the bridge across the river and into the rotary.
  • Take your second right to stay on Rte. 202, then your second exit, to Rte 116 North.
  • Once you take that exit, you will be on Rte 116, which you can follow straight to Mount Holyoke.