The Sociology Lynk: Classroom to Career

Applied Critical Thinking

We encourage all majors to seek out opportunities that connect the critical thinking skills practiced in the classroom at Mount Holyoke with applied learning in internships, social innovation projects, research opportunities, and immersion in another culture through study, internships, or research abroad. The learning from such connections is an important preparation not only for post-graduate education and careers but also for active citizenship in today’s global world.

Students in the connected courses of professors Kavita Khory, politics, and Nieves Romero-Díaz, Spanish
Interdisciplinary classrooms fuel a passion for learning in faculty and students alike.
Gloria Johnson-Powell '58
Child psychiatrist Gloria Johnson-Powell ’58 was among the first to study the effects of racism, sexual abuse and health care disparities on children.
Photo of Ayca Zayim
“Earning degrees in three countries has been a defining experience, one I bring into my classroom. I strive for an inclusive, multicultural environment.”
Gina Athena Ulysse will give a presentation exploring ways to use performance tools such as spoken word to address anthropological issues.
Mount Holyoke is known across the country as a leader in global education because of Eva Paus, director of the McCulloch Center.
The McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives has changed the Mount Holyoke world — and Mount Holyoke has changed global education.