Along with annual MHC awards, the Department of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American studies offers the following two awards specific to their majors and minors.

Spanish: The Jessie Babcock '03 Award

In order to be considered for this award, students have to be nominated by a professor, other students or themselves. They have to submit a research project in Spanish before the end of spring semester of their senior year (date to be determined by department) and fulfill the following conditions: senior student, major in Spanish, strong (and visible) passion for Spanish language and culture, GPA 3.75 and active participation in the departments activities (tutoring, Spanish tables, searches...)

Previous Award Recipients

Shamoni Sarkar. La representación artística del paisaje americano en el siglo XIX. 2012-2013. Advisor: Profesor Tara Daly. 

Emily McGranachan. Yo Creo en la Revolución": Las Mujeres del MIR y el FPMR. 2011-2012. Advisor: Professor Téllez. 

Zilin Cui. Identidades mediatizadas: El mapuche como una raza en la canción "Füta Nüyün Terremoto" de Wechekeche Ñi Traün. 2010-2011. Advisor: Profesor Miñana.

Kelsey Anderson. El traductor funcional: Entender la participación del traductor en la traducción. 2009-2010.

Gabby Rico. Narración en pictura. 2009-2010.

Diana Danova. Volver. 2008-2009. Advisor: Professor Justin Crumbaugh.

History of the Award

"In 2003, during the week before Commencement, I was already considering how I might leave a legacy to Mount Holyoke. After four years of living, studying, and learning from fellow students and faculty, I wanted to give back in some tangible way.

But what could a philanthropist-minded young woman on a student's budget do? The answer presented itself as a $250 graduation gift from my family, which I used to establish the Jessie E. Babcock Prize in Spanish. The donation was timely: up to that point, the Spanish department had no academic prizes, as most other departments did.

My intention in creating the prize was to honor future students' hard work and dedication to the department, as well as recognize their contributions to the study of cultures and literatures from Spanish-speaking countries" —Jessie Babcock

Latin American Studies Award Recipients

2014 Caledonia Moore: Engaging Public Health in Peru.

2013: Noelia Solano: SGA Business Office Manager.

2011: Diying Wu: Student Project: Whats Common and Distinctive about Costa Rica for China's Latin American Policy.

2010: Karina Hurtado-Ocampo

2009: Julie Pfahler

2008: Hannah Goldman, "Post-Revolutionary Cuban Identity: A Transcendence of Geography"

2007: Charlene Devon van Dijk, "Expropriating the Jíbaro: Community Education in Puerto Rico"

2005: Natalie Gabriela Araújo; Mira Olson 2004: Sara Figueroa; Julia Sorcinelli

2003: Antonieta Gimeno

2002: Mary Blizzard

2001: Jette Christiansen

1999: Ruth Lopes

1997: Abby Walther

1996: Meredith Field; Ellen Walsh

1995: Neeta Bhasin; Claudia Scholz