The Department of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American studies offers the following two awards specific to their majors and minors, as well as, annual awards offered by MHC detailed below.

Spanish: The Jessie Babcock '03 Award

In order to be considered for this award, students have to be nominated by a professor, other students or themselves. They have to submit a research project in Spanish before the end of spring semester of their senior year (date to be determined by department) and fulfill the following conditions: senior student, major in Spanish, Latin American Studies, or Romance Languages and Cultures, strong (and visible) passion for Spanish language and culture, GPA 3.00 and active participation in the departments activities (tutoring, Spanish tables, searches...)

History of the Award

"In 2003, during the week before Commencement, I was already considering how I might leave a legacy to Mount Holyoke. After four years of living, studying, and learning from fellow students and faculty, I wanted to give back in some tangible way.

But what could a philanthropist-minded young woman on a student's budget do? The answer presented itself as a $250 graduation gift from my family, which I used to establish the Jessie E. Babcock Prize in Spanish. The donation was timely: up to that point, the Spanish department had no academic prizes, as most other departments did. My intention in creating the prize was to honor future students' hard work and dedication to the department, as well as recognize their contributions to the study of cultures and literatures from Spanish-speaking countries"

Read about Jessie's Babcock's career journey across oceans and into the Pentagon and see more examples of previous year's winners.

Latina/o Studies: The Mariposa Prize 2021


The Mariposa Prize is a $250 award for Latina/o/x graduating seniors. The award was generously funded by artist Hector Dionicio Mendoza as part of his practice of public reciprocity and as a way to recognize the achievements of Latina/o/x students at Mount Holyoke College. The relationship between Mendoza and the College community is a result of the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum’s (MHCAM) acquisition of two of Mendoza’s works---“Mariposa/Butterfly” and “Immigrant Shoes,” on display at MHCAM.


Latina/o/x Students who are graduating in spring 2021 are encouraged to apply by the deadline. Applicants should engage with one or both of Mendoza’s works and provide a single page reaction (one-side only) to the art. (Links to images of the artwork: Mariposa/Butterfly and Immigrant Shoes). Your reaction, for example, may relate to your education and/or personal experience at the College or your thoughts about the future. Applicants may use a format of their choosing such as a narrative analysis, poem, photograph, or art as their submission. For class of 2021 graduates, the award process will happen remotely/electronically due to the pandemic. Submissions should be sent to Associate Professor David Hernández as an attachment ( by Friday, April 23, 2021 at 5 pm.


The award and prize will be announced and delivered at the department “At Home” for Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies on May 22, 2021 from 2-3 pm.

The Latin American Studies Award

The Latin American Studies Program at Mount Holyoke College each year awards its Latin American Studies Prize to the graduating senior whose unusually distinguished record of student work and involvement in the major, general academic excellence and overall achievement, and community engagement while at the College is especially deserving of our acknowledgement and public recognition.

Seniors whose work focused on Latin America, the Caribbean, or U.S. Latino/a issues have received this Prize since 1995. In addition to a Certificate of Recognition, publication of the winner’s name in the Commencement Program and on our Latin American Studies website alongside the names of all previous recipients, the Prize also comes with a modest cash award.

The Global Competence Award

Deadline: Seniors need to apply for certification by March 4

If you complete: at least three courses in the same language beyond the language requirement; either an internationally focused internship, and internationally-focused Community-Based Learning project or study abroad; at least one course that explores a global issue from different perspectives and participate in a cross-cultural learning on campus you may qualify for Mount Holyoke's Global Competence Award

Annual Mount Holyoke College Awards

The college grants awards by class year, location, and field, and defined population (alumnae, athletes, disabled students, ethnic/identity, returning students, and women). You may also find a number of scholarships, fellowships, internships and essay competition on the awards page of the MHC website.