Recently implemented as a pilot program in 2015-2016

e-portfolios help seniors who are graduating in the department showcase their class work, skills, and local and global experiences outside the classrooms in order to be competitive in the real world after MHC. The e-portfolios may include personal and professional statements, coursework, research projects, personal reflections, and other materials.

The main objectives for the portfolios are:

  • Preparing students to present themselves globally to potential readers of their portfolio: graduate programs, employers, grant/fellowship committees, etc. 
  • Creating the opportunity for students to reflect on their experiences with our majors/minors and how these experiences relate to their past, current, and future interests and goals. 
  • Create opportunities for majors/minors to socialize and share their experiences, goals, visions, and plans. 
  • Contribute to the ongoing effort to create a capstone experience for the different majors/minors within the department. 
  • Create opportunities for faculty to interact with our students outside our areas and courses.
Melina Baron-Duetsch '16 E-Portfolio
Focus: Spanish and Critical Social Thought, environmental studies, social justice movements, and art