Hannah Barg

SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples and Globizations
Hannah Barg
Class of 2014

I chose SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples and Globalization because I wanted to explore a part of the world that I had no connection to, and the program seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn a language and practice anthropology in a meaningful way.

In doing this program, I hoped to achieve a proficiency in Spanish, gain understanding of a different culture, and conduct my own fieldwork. In terms of Spanish, all of my classes and interactions with my wonderful host family were in Spanish, which forced me to push myself to speak and improve. I learned Peruvian culture through the program's theme of Indigenous Peoples and Globalization, for the classes gave me an insight into the complex culture, and the excursions allowed me to see that culture in action. Lastly, the final month of the SIT program is devoted entirely to research, thus I spent two weeks alone in a rural community, studying their Oral Tradition and gaining a understanding of its cultural importance.

My study abroad experience was incredibly rewarding, largely due to the last month during which I did my research. For this month I went to a rural community three hours outside of Cusco called Quiswarani, where I studied the myths, legends, and stories, and the ways in which globalization causes the community and its Oral Tradition to change. My time in Quiswarani allowed me to employ all of the tools I had been gaining the whole semester, and afforded me a unique educational opportunity outside of the classroom.  

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