Independent Research

The Spanish, Latino/a and Latin American Studies department encourages students to undertake independent research and experience the discipline and rewards of preparing an honors thesis. Independent work and the honors thesis are fundamentally related, because an independent course in the fall of the senior year has the potential of leading to an honors thesis in the spring semester.

Before proposing an independent study, the student should have already done some advanced work at the 300 level and have an excellent command of Spanish and the necessary skills to communicate clearly and effectively. Any student who pursues independent research should have genuine interest in a well-defined subject and be willing to work within a set timetable with faculty supervision.

The independent research provides students with the opportunity of expanding their horizons in literature, culture, history, film, etc. while concentrating on a specific topic. The honors thesis is a true test of intellectual curiosity, originality, and critical thinking. Students and faculty involved in the independent/honors process should be familiar with the College’s “Guidelines for honors Program and Honors Thesis”, which the Dean of Studies Office updates annually.