Kleida Martiro

University of Virginia in Valencia, Spain
Kleida Martiro
Class of 2014

I have always wanted to go to Spain because I am fascinated by its culture, traditions and language. I chose the program offered by the University of Virginia in Valencia (UVA in Valencia) because not only it offers a great variety of classes, but also it engages students in many activities to fully immerse themselves in the Spanish culture. 

I hoped to become well-versed in Spanish, adjust quickly into the Spanish culture and make long-lasting friends. I achieved all my goals!

It was a very rewarding experience. The breadth of classes provided me with a highly stimulating intellectual and diverse experience of the Spanish culture and language. I engaged in co-academic workshops and enriching discussions with my peers. Furthermore, my learning continued beyond the classroom through conversations with the diverse community of the program, the locals and students from Universitat de Valencia.  Through these interactions and shared experiences in various campus activities, I formed friendships that are lasting long after my fall semester at the UVA in Valencia.

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