Latin American Studies Courses

The department offers introductory courses in Latin American literature, history, and culture. Majors and minors should begin their studies with Latin American Studies 180, Introduction to Latin American Cultures.

Intermediate and advanced courses are offered on topics relating to the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Brazil, the Andean area, the Southern cone (southern Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile), and Hispanic/Caribbean peoples abroad.

First-Year students may consider enrolling in:

  • LATAM 105f-01-First Year Seminar: Politics of Inequality
  • LATAM 180fs-01- Introduction to Latin American Cultures
  • LATAM 287s-01- Topics in Latin American Studies: Introduction to Latino Studies: Structural Inequalities
  • LATAM 288s-01-  Modern Mexico

You may contact the Chair if you have any questions.

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