Department Learning Goals

Learning Goals of the Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies Department

The three areas of the department (Spanish, Latina/o/x and Latin American Studies) share the following common learning goals:

  1. Recognize, examine, and interrogate the past, current state, and emerging realities and histories of the societies and cultures of Latin America, Spain, the Caribbean, and the US Latina/o/x population.
  2. Describe and interpret the character of their relations with each other and with the wider world.
  3.  Distinguish among and employ multi/interdisciplinary, transnational, and cross-border perspectives.
  4. Analyze critically and articulate with logical arguments the diverse configurations and varying experiences of (classic, post, and neo) colonialism and diaspora in and among the regions, nations, and populations of our concern.
  5. Develop the ability to write, read, speak, and conduct research in the primary languages of our area(s) of coverage, particularly English and Spanish.
  6. Creatively contribute to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge through different modalities individually and collectively.
  7. Engage with and maintain a sustained contact with the local Latina/o/x communities.