Local and Global Community Connections

Students move beyond the borders of the college campus and reach local and global communities in a variety of ways. By immersing themselves in Spanish-speaking communities (abroad or in the U.S.), students increase their linguistic competency and are better able to understand the intricacies of these diverse cultures. The majority of students Study Abroad or pursue international internships in Spanish-speaking countries. The department also emphasizes the importance of grounding the issues explored in the courses through involvement through Community Based Learning projects in local Latino communities in Holyoke and Springfield. 

Mika Weissbuch, Podcasts for Peace
Mika Kie Weissbuch '11: while researching privatization in and around Managua’s municipal dump, we got the idea to start a children’s community center.
Scarlett Montenegro '13: I hope to be part of a larger statistic. I want to represent my community and be a voice for the misinterpreted and the unheard.