Language Peer Mentors and Student Liaisons

The Spanish, Latina/o, and Latin American Studies Department has a number of language resources helpful to students studying Spanish. This includes the Spanish Language Floor Living-Learning Community, as well as weekly conversations with peer language assistants in Spanish classes. The weekly Language Table offers further opportunities to practice speaking spanish through lively dinner conversations. The Q&A Sessions with the language mentor offer additional support around the concepts of learning a language.

Qualified students may apply for a language assistant position through the Language Assistant Program by contacting Morena Svaldi. Students may also apply to live on the Spanish Floor by contacting Residential Life.

Language Table and Q&A hours

Lili Paxton, Mentor in Spanish

Lili Paxton ’21, Spanish Language Mentor

¡Hola! I am Lili Paxton, a senior studying International Relations and Spanish. I spent my junior year abroad in Seville, Spain (until March…) where I learned to siesta and speak Spanish with real Spaniards. I love practicing and improving my Spanish, so I will be learning right alongside you. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Ava Provolo ’22, Spanish Language Assistant for Spanish 209

Ava Provolo ’22, Spanish Language Assistant, Spanish 209

¡Hola! My name is Ava and I am a junior from Guilford, Connecticut double majoring in English & Spanish. I am currently a budding comedy screenwriter and I love talking about running, baking, and music! I have truly fallen in love with the Spanish language over the myriad years of learning it and I can't wait to share that passion with y'all. I am so excited to be the LA for Spanish 209 again this year!

Cristina Gonzalez ’22, Spanish Language Assistant for Spanish 212 and Spanish 250

Cristina Gonzalez ’22, Spanish Language Assistant, Spanish 212 and Spanish 250

¡Hola a todxs! My name is Cristina and I am a junior at Mount Holyoke College. I am a mathematics and Spanish double major and will be hopefully a part of the teacher’s licensure program. I am a Spanish native speaker and so I am really excited to be working as a Language Assistant for Spanish 212 during module 1 and Language Assistant for Spanish 250 during Module 2. I recently returned from my parent’s hometown Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco, Mexico as I completed my Lynk internship in the Centro Educativo Pavoniano Albergue Infantil as a tutor and mentor.

Cristina Cavaleri ’22, Spanish Language Assistant for Spanish Cafecito

Cristina Cavaleri ’22, Spanish Language Assistant, Spanish Cafecito

¡Hola! My name is Cristina and I am a junior at Mount Holyoke! I am a Spanish and International Relations double major. I am from Albany, New York and have two older sisters, my dad (from the United States) and my mom (from Mexico). I have been speaking Spanish all my life, but I love to take classes and further immerse myself in the language. This year I am very excited to be working as and Language Assistant al Cafecito de español! When I am not working, I like to hang out with friends (on zoom of course), read, workout and sing with Vocal Jazz. Since I was little, I have always loved my mom teaching me about Mexican culture such as holidays, music, books, movies, and food. Being a part of the Spanish speaking community has not only taught me traditions from other Hispanic countries, it has also allowed me to contribute and teach others as well. If you have any questions about how to get more involved (or just want to chat), please don’t hesitate to reach out! I love meeting new people and I am excited to get to know you!

Emma Sullivan ’22, Spanish Language Assistant for Spanish Cafecito

Emma Sullivan ’22, Spanish Language Assistant, Spanish Cafecito

¡Hola a todxs! My name is Emma Sullivan and I am a junior at MHC from Stow, MA! I am a Spanish and Environmental Studies double major and I have been studying Spanish for 8 years. I am super excited to be co-hosting el cafecito/cafelito/cafelillo de español on zoom this semester with Cristina! In my free time I love to rock climb, read, hike, bike, meditate, learn languages and work with the Sunrise Movement, which combats climate change and works towards a sustainable future. I love listening to Spanish music, watching telenovelas (Gran Hotel!!) and engaging with people from the Spanish speaking community. Feel free to contact me with questions or just to reach out and get to know each other!