Spanish Proficiency Questionnaire

All students who have previous knowledge of Spanish and wish to continue their study of Spanish while at Mount Holyoke must:

  1. Take a Spanish Placement Exam for more information.
  2. Fill out the Language Proficiency Questionnaire (below).

Upon completion of the placement test, your score will be available to you, and it will also be sent to the Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies Department at Mount Holyoke College, along with pre-registration materials. Both the questionnaire and the placement test are needed to place you in a Spanish course that is most appropriate for you.

Language Proficiency Questionnaire

How many years have you studied Spanish?

(indicate 0 if none)
(indicate 0 if none)

High School Spanish

Spanish-speaking countries

Oral Reports in Spanish

Did you work with:

What reading in Spanish was done?

Were texts discussed:

Did your writing involve:

Language Learning Center

Did you use a computer program for language study:

Note: If you are planning to spend your junior year in a Spanish-speaking country, you must elect a four-credit Spanish course each semester of your first and second years at Mount Holyoke College.