Our students choose one of three main areas of focus for their studies: Spanish, which encompasses the entire Spanish-Speaking world through courses taught in Spanish; Latin American Studies, which explores Central and South America and the Caribbean through more courses taught in English, and Latino/a Studies, which focuses on U.S. Latina/os through courses taught in English. The three areas not only make connections with each other; they also frequently cross-list courses with Film Studies, Gender Studies, History, Sociology, and Critical Social Thought, providing a broad and complex set of course offerings as well as breadth of vision as a department. 

Latin American Studies Major

Latin American studies is an interdisciplinary major requiring a minimum of 40 credits. Majors choose a primary area of interest and plan their course work in close consultation with their advisor. They’re also expected to take at least two courses in other areas and to have a command of Spanish or Portuguese. For more detailed information, please see the Latin American Studies section of the course bulletin.

Spanish Major

A major in Spanish at Mount Holyoke leads to proficiency in the language as well as a deep understanding of the many issues relevant to Spanish-speakers abroad and in the U.S. Spanish majors examine the past, current state, and emerging realities of Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean in intermediate and advanced-level courses that adopt a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, including literary studies, film and media studies, social history, and politics. The major requires a minimum of 36 credits and can include up to 20 credits for study abroad.

If you have studied Spanish in the past and are thinking of taking your first Spanish course at Mount Holyoke, your first steps are to fill out the Spanish Proficiency Questionnaire and take the Spanish Placement Exam. The results of your test will be sent automatically to the department and be made available to you immediately if you provide your personal email. Your score will indicate the appropriate course for your level. For more detailed information, please see the Spanish section of the course bulletin.

Latin American Studies Minor

The minor requires 20 credits.  Compare your course work to the Latin American Minor Checksheet. For more detailed requirements, see the Latin American Studies chapter of the catalogue.  

Latina/o Studies Minor

The Latina/o Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary exploration of the history, culture, and experiences of Latinas/os in the United States.

The department also offers a minor in Latin American studies. Compare your course work to the Latina/o Studies Minor Checklist.   

Spanish Minor

A minimum of 20 credits is required for the minor, including 212, Preparation for Advanced Studies. For course advice see the description under the spanish major and compare your course work to the Spanish Minor Checklist.

Detailed information on required credits and courses for the major and minor can be found in the Spanish chapter of the catalogue.

Teacher Licensure in Spanish

Students interested pursuing licensure in the field of Spanish can combine their course work in Spanish with a minor in education. See the Department of Psychology and Education's Teacher Licensure Program for more information.