Spanish major. Future Paths

When students graduate in Spanish, they have a wide variety of possible pathways. In fact, recent studies have shown that language majors have the highest employment rates directly after college and overall the most successful careers. In keeping with Mount Holyoke College’s liberal arts mission, our major prepares students to think critically, to articulate their ideas eloquently both in spoken and written Spanish, and to understand the world from a different perspective.

Spanish major graduates succeed in a variety of professional areas, including education, international affairs, government, and global business. The major also leads our students to pursue further education in law, medical, or graduate school in a variety of disciplines, from Spanish to Politics.

Most of our majors combine their Spanish studies with other area of studies, working on second major, a minor, a nexus, or a certificate, to expand their professional and intellectual horizons. Anthropology, Economics, International Relations, History, Journalism, and Political Science are some prime examples. After all, given that the U.S. has the highest number of Spanish speakers in the entire world, and that Spanish is the fourth-most spoken language in the world (after English, Hindi, and Mandarin), it is only logical that a Spanish degree will open doors.

To get a sense of where you can go with a Spanish degree from Mount Holyoke College, take a look at the Career Development Center’s “What can I do with an MHC major in Spanish?” for information on companies and roles that previous students and graduates have held.

The Occupational Outlook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can provide additional insights into the job forecast and work environment of those in this field.

Finally, take a look at Buzzfile and Vault for in-depth career research into specific areas of interest.

If you’re thinking of continuing your education after MHC, visit the CDC’s graduate school advising for additional information on the research and application process.

Sample of Careers for Spanish Majors

  • Business: International law, banking; advertising, sales, fashion buyer; marketing; executive or manager; Public Relations; secretarial and clerical opportunities; banks; service, cultural organizations. 
  • Communications: Journalism: foreign correspondent, photographer, freelance writer, editor; TV or radio writer, reporter; editor; translator; advertiser for ethnic, foreign markets; film, entertainment; museums 
  • Education: Teacher K-12 or University Professor; translator; editor 
  • Government: Translator, interpreter (US or UN); court interpreter; FBI linguist, special agent; Peace Corps; VISTA; State Department; Government research specialist; Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • Social Service: Law enforcement; nursing; vocational counselor; case-worker. 
  • Scientific Fields: Technical writer, translator; researcher; technical liaison for U.S. firms abroad; museum work; medicine; software developer. 
  • Travel and Tourism: Travel agent; tour guide; hotel, restaurant owner or employee; flight attendant; airport personnel.