The Spanish Major and Minor

The Spanish Major

A major in Spanish at Mount Holyoke leads to proficiency in the language as well as a deep understanding of the many issues relevant to Spanish-speakers abroad and in the U.S. Spanish majors examine the past, current state, and emerging realities of Latin America, Spain, and the Caribbean in intermediate and advanced-level courses that adopt a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, including literary studies, film and media studies, social history, and politics. The major requires a minimum of 36 credits and can include up to 20 credits for study abroad.

Compare the your course work to the Spanish Major Checklist.  

The Spanish chapter of the catalogue offers specific information on the credits and courses required for the major.

The Spanish Minor

A minimum of 20 credits is required for the minor, including 212, Preparation for Advanced Studies.

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Detailed information on required credits and courses for the major and minor can be found in the Spanish chapter of the catalogue.

Teacher Licensure in Spanish

Students interested pursuing licensure in the field of Spanish can combine their course work in Spanish with a minor in education. See the Department of Psychology and Education's Teacher Licensure Program for more information.