Student Projects

Both in and outside the classroom, majors and minors in the Department of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies have the opportunity to develop projects that expand a topic of their interest. These projects may include work with emerging technologies and may engage local and/or global communities. From digital stories about community organizations and programs, to the creation webpages on specific subjects, students are encouraged to use their creativity and skills to give form to an intellectual calling.

Spanish 210 Video Projects
Conversation and Culture Lab: organizations have used these student created videos to promote their services in the local Latino community.
Have you been to the bosque?
Melina Baron-Duetsch '16: During my summer internship, I created an online zine to as a teaching aid for children learning about the natural environment.
Gendered Violence (SPAN 230) student project
Students work in groups and create a poster or a short video for a campaign against gendered violence.
Yerma screen shot
(SPAN-230) Students learn to create book trailers to spark interest and to entice others to read important literary works by Spanish writers.