Video Projects (SPAN-210)

Conversation and Culture Lab

In this course, students in pairs or groups of three, worked on an i-movie, whose topic was connected to a "community partner" from Holyoke MA. Each group was in charge of a local organization of their choice. Throughout the semester, groups did research about their partners, and met at least three times with a representative from the organization.

During these visits, students collected more information, interviewed members or clients of the organization, learnt about their work in the community, took pictures and made video recordings, among other things. Movies had to follow a script, that included information about the organization, its activities and at least two interviews. Movies had to be in Spanish, with subtitles in Spanish and English.

Organizations have used these videos to promote their services in the community. The CBL office at MHC provided logistical support and a CBL mentor helped with transportation, making first contacts, and developing the projects.

See the videos.