Learning Abroad for Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies Majors

Studying away from Mount Holyoke College enhances a students’ ability to maximize opportunities and face the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world. Immersing yourself in a foreign culture is an enriching opportunity to put academic training (linguistic and cultural competency) into practice, and experience first hand the subtle complexities and distinct advantages of global citizenship.

Most students opt to spend one semester abroad, but the entire year is highly desirable. Many programs offer language and cultural studies courses, and some also offer the opportunity to select courses in other disciplines and take regular university courses alongside local students.

Study Abroad

Where to Study

The Department recommends a short list of programs in Latin America and Spain. Generally, students will find programs on the list that suit their goals and background. A student who believes they have compelling reasons to choose a program not recommended by the department should consult with the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives and with the department’s study abroad advisors. 

  • For a list of where past and present Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies majors and minors have studied and a summary of the courses that they took abroad, check this searchable database.

The McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives Study Abroad website is also an excellent resource for programs, application procedures, deadlines, financial aid, and more. Laurel Fellowships (need-based financial aid) are readily available to qualified students. 

Take advantage of the McCulloch Center’s info sessions, peer advising, and other resources to determine what programs may be best suited to your academic goals and needs.

When to Study
Most students are best prepared to study abroad by the fall and/or spring of junior year, though some students may choose to study during the spring of sophomore year or fall of senior year. Most programs require a minimum of four or five semesters of Spanish or the equivalent. The department recommends that students start planning about a year in advance.

Credit Transfer
Spanish, Latina/o or Latin American Studies majors or minors must then contact our departmental study abroad advisor before applying to a program and registering for courses abroad. The departmental advisor will determine what courses may receive credit towards the major or minor upon satisfactory completion. Any faculty advisor in the department is qualified to advise for study abroad in Latin America and Spain, or a student can contact department chair Nieves Romero-Diaz.

The Department of Spanish, Latina/o, Latin American Studies will give a maximum of 8 credits total at the 200 or 300 levels towards its major or minor for students who spend one semester abroad and up to 20 credits will be given towards their major or minor for students who spend two semesters abroad. The Department of Spanish, Latina/o, Latin American Studies will accept no more than 8 credits taken abroad at the 300 level.

Final decisions about credit transfer will be based on academic criteria and made upon students’ return. Students are required to present the department with syllabi and all relevant course materials. Courses on a variety of subjects (literature, history, art, film, but also political science, economics, sociology, etc.) may count towards the major, as long as their main focus is some aspect of the Spanish-speaking world or the Spanish language as such (e.g. linguistics).  Such credit will only be accepted after the study abroad advisor approves the course contents and objectives after the student's return to campus.

Summer Internships and Research Abroad

A summer internship or research project in a Spanish-speaking country allows students to use the Spanish language and to apply what they have learned to explore possible career paths. It is also a wonderful opportunity to engage with other Spanish speakers in a different cultural context.

In addition to the CDC, the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives is a key resource for international internships. The MHC International Internship Program (MHC-IIP) offers competitive MHConnect internships in 20 countries around the world.

Spanish majors and minors may be particularly interested in the Spanish Studies Abroad/Center for Cross-Cultural Study in Spain and curated internship opportunities in South and Central America.


  • Funding is available through the Lynk Universal Application Form (UAF). For more details about internship opportunities and funding, please contact the McCulloch Center.

Next Steps

Students interested in exploring possibilities for learning abroad are encouraged to contact the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives. Students should also consult with their advisor about how they can best connect and integrate learning abroad with their work in the major.