Getting Started

  • Students should check the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives (MCGI) Study Abroad website for a list of approved programs, application instructions, financial aid (Laurel Fellowship) details, etc. Take advantage of the McCulloch Center’s info sessions, peer advising, and other resources to determine what programs may be best suited to your academic goals and needs.
  • Spanish majors or minors must then contact our departmental study abroad advisor before applying to a program and registering for courses abroad. The departmental advisor will determine what courses may receive credit towards the Spanish major or minor upon satisfactory completion. The departmental advisor for Latin America and Spain is Professor Nieves Romero-Diaz.
  • The Department of Spanish, Latina/o, Latin American Studies will give a maximum of 8 credits total at the 200 or 300 levels towards its major or minor for students who spend one semester abroad and up to 20 credits will be given towards their major or minor for students who spend two semesters abroad.
  • The Department of Spanish, Latina/o, Latin American Studies will accept no more than 8 credits taken abroad at the 300 level.
  • Final decisions about credit transfer will be based on academic criteria, and made upon students’ return. Students are required to present the department with syllabi and all relevant course materials. Courses on a variety of subjects (literature, history, art, film, but also political science, economics, sociology, etc.) may count towards the major, as long as their main focus is some aspect of the Spanish-speaking world or the Spanish language as such (e.g. linguistics).  Such credit will only be accepted after the study abroad advisor approves the course contents and objectives after the student's return to campus.