Study Abroad Profiles

Learn about Study Abroad Programs in Spain and Latin America from Mount Holyoke students recently returned from abroad.  The students describe:

  • their Study Abroad program, 
  • what they hoped to achieve during their time away, 
  • their most rewarding experience.  

To view their complete statements click on the student's name.

Melina Baron-Deutsch
Class of 2016
Mount Holyoke College/Goucher Program in Globalization, Development, and Environment 

I decided to do this program because of my interest in Spanish, Ecology, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Change...Read more

Kelsey Briggs
Class of 2015
Terevaka Archeological Outreach 
Rapa Nui (Easter Island) 

I chose to intern in Rapa Nui/Isla de Pascua with Terevaka Archeological Outreach because I was interesting in synthesizing my Spanish language skills, Anthropology minor, and…..Read more

Julia Golden
Class of 2015
PRESHCO in Cordoba, Spain 

I had been interested in working and studying abroad in Spain since I first began Mount Holyoke.…Read More

Amber Orzel
Class of 2015
Podcasts for Peace 

I chose Podcasts for Peace because I am interested in working in underprivileged areas and with children..….Read More

Rocio Ramirez
Class of 2015
Terevaka Archeological Outreach
Rapa Nui (Easter Island) 

I chose to intern in Easter, Island (Rapa Nui) as a Program assistant to Terevaka Archeological Outreach Program because I knew I was going to be exposed to new professional skills in Spanish …..Read More

Zoey Toffoli
Class of 2015
University of Virginia in Valencia, Spain 

 I was first drawn to the study abroad program in Valencia, Spain when I saw it on the Mount Holyoke Study Abroad website. I wanted to go to a country where I,…..Read More



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