Study Abroad Profiles

Learn about Study Abroad Programs in Spain and Latin America from Mount Holyoke students recently returned from abroad.  The students describe:

  • their Study Abroad program, 
  • what they hoped to achieve during their time away, 
  • their most rewarding experience.  

To view their complete statements click on the student's name.

Hannah Barg
Class of 2014
SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples and Globalization 

I chose SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples and Globalization because I wanted to explore a part of the world that I had no connection to….Read more

Madhu Giri
Class of 2014
University of Spain
Cordoba, Spain 

I chose to go to Córdoba, Spain, in my junior year as the program gave me the opportunity to spend a whole year abroad independently…..Read more

Kleida Martiro
Class of 2014
University of Virginia in Valencia, Spain 

I have always wanted to go to Spain because I am fascinated by its culture, traditions and language. I chose the program offered by the University of Virginia…Read More

Kami Smith
Class of 2014
CIEE Liberal Arts Seville, Spain 

I choose Sevilla, Spain because I've never been to Europe before, but had….Read More

Kassandra Torres
Class of 2014
CIEE Santiago, Dominican Republic 

I chose this country primarily because it was a Spanish speaking country in the Caribbean, …..Read More

Anh-Thu Truong
Class of 2014
MHC/Goucher in Monteverde, Costa Rica 

I spent the spring semester of my junior year at the Monteverde Institute in Monteverde, Costa Rica. I’ve always been interested in environment,…..Read More



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