Pre K-2

Early Childhood Education Program Requirements

Phase I

The following courses must be completed prior to the practicum regardless of the major.

  • PSY230 - Developmental Psychology, 4 cr.
  • PSY233 - Educational Psychology (includes field experience); 4 cr.
  • ED205 - Racism and Inequality in Schools and Society (includes field experience); 4 cr or ED220 - Foundations of Multicultural Education (includes field experience); 4 cr.
  • ED263 - Teaching English Language Learners (includes field experience); 4 cr. (jr. or fall sr. yr.).
  • ED300 - The Process of Teaching & Learning: Developing Literacy in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools (includes field experience); 4 cr (spring jr. yr.).
  • Ed325 - The Process of Teaching/Learning: Integration of Math/Science Curriculum and Instruction; 4 cr (fall sr.yr.).
  • ED320 - Observing & Assisting in Inclusive Classrooms (with a focus on special education; includes field experience).
  • At least one mathematics course; 4 cr.
  • At least one science lab course; 4 cr.
  • At least one history, geography or economics course: 4 cr.
  • Psych 331 - Laboratory in Early Social and Personality Development; 4 cr.


  • Each field experience requires a minimum of 3-4 hours per week.
  • Please fill out a TB Test Form before you attend your first pre-practicum.
  • Forms are available in the main office, room 303.

Students pursuing a Psychology and Education Major (Option I) must also take a course in:

  • 100-level psychology
  • Psych 201 (Statistics)
  • Psych 200 (Research Methods)
  • Psych 300-level lab (including its prerequisites; Psych 331 can fulfill this requirement)
  • courses in at least three of the five areas of the psychology curriculum; at least one course must be from areas D or E

The five areas of the psychology curriculum are:

  1. social psychology
  2. personality and abnormal psychology
  3. developmental and educational psychology
  4. perception, cognition, and language
  5. biological bases of behavior

All coursework in the subject/level you want to teach must also be completed before the practicum. A Field of Knowledge Self Assessment Form will be started for you during your initial meeting with Ms. Sarah Frenette, Five College Teacher Licensure Coordinator so that you can plan your coursework accordingly.

Phase II

Practicum Application – Application materials are due January 7th of your junior year. If you will be abroad, please plan ahead for this. Application materials include: completed application form, resume, copy of a current degree audit as evidence of a cumulative GPA of 2.85 or higher, MTEL reports as evidence of passing appropriate tests for the license sought, two faculty recommendations, and a written essay.

Phase III

The following courses are taken during the spring semester of your senior year:

  • ED322 - Practicum Seminar on Teaching and Learning: Early Childhood and Elementary Education; 4 cr. (spring sr. yr.).
  • ED323 - Student Teaching in Early Childhood & Elementary Settings; 10 cr (spring sr. yr.).
    The practicum requirement for Early Childhood Education must be in two settings: 100 hours at the Pre-K level and 250 hours at the 1-2 level. At least one setting must include students with special needs.