1-6 Grade for Teacher Licensure

Phase I

The following courses must be completed prior to the practicum regardless of the major.

  • PSY230 - Developmental Psychology; 4 cr.
  • PSY233 - Educational Psychology (includes field experience); 4 cr.
  • ED205 - Racism and Inequality in Schools and Society (includes field experience); 4 cr or ED220 - Foundations of Multicultural Education (includes field experience); 4 cr.
  • ED263 - Teaching English Language Learners (includes field experience); 4 cr. (jr. or fall sr. yr.).
  • ED300 - The Process of Teaching and Learning: Developing Literacy in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools (includes field experience); 4 cr (spring jr. yr.).
  • Ed325 - The Process of Teaching/Learning: Integration of Math/Science Curriculum and Instruction; 4 cr (fall senior year).
  • ED320 - Observing and Assisting in Inclusive Classrooms (with a focus on special education; includes field experience).

A total of 36 credits in arts and sciences must be taken.* These credits must encompass some study in all topics listed below and include one mandatory 4 credit science/tech course with lab and 2 or 3 courses in the field of mathematics. NOTE: Some courses you take may count for more than one topic, see Ms. Sarah Frenette for more information.

  • American Literature and Composition
  • Children's Literature
  • US History and US Government from Colonial Time to Present
  • World History, including European History from Ancient Times to Present
  • Science/Tech
  • Mathematics (3 courses)

*This coursework could be part of the requirements for a major or included in distribution requirements.

All coursework in the subject/level you want to teach must also be completed before the practicum. A Field of Knowledge Self Assessment Form will be started during your initial meeting with Ms. Sarah Frenette, Five-College Teacher Licensure Coordinator so that you can plan your coursework accordingly..


  • Each field experience requires a minimum of 3-4 hours per week.
  • Please fill out a TB Test Form before you attend your first pre-practicum.
  • Forms are available in the main office, Room 303.

Students pursuing a Psychology and Education Major (Option I) must also take a 100 level psychology course, Psych 201 (Statistics), Psych 200 (Research Methods), Psych 300-level lab, and courses in at least three of the five areas of the psychology curriculum; at least one course must be from areas D or E. The five areas of the psychology curriculum are: A) social psychology; B) personality and abnormal psychology; C) developmental and educational psychology; D) perception, cognition, and language; and E) biological bases of behavior.

Phase II

 Practicum Application. – Application materials are due January 7th of your junior year. If you will be abroad, please plan ahead for this. Application materials include: completed application form, resume, copy of a current degree audit as evidence of a cumulative GPA of 2.85 or higher, MTEL reports as evidence of passing appropriate tests for the license sought, two faculty recommendations, and a written essay.

Phase III

 The following courses are taken during the spring semester of your senior year:

  • ED322 - Practium Seminar on Teaching and Learning: Early Childhood and Elementary Education; 4 cr. (spring sr. yr.)
  • ED323 - Student Teaching in Early Childhood & Elementary Settings; 10 cr (spring sr. yr.).