Sandra Lawrence

Professor of Psychology and Education


  • B.A., Salem State College
  • M.A.T., Salem State College
  • Ed.D., Harvard Graduate School of Education

Courses Taught

  • Race, Class, Culture and Gender in the Classroom
  • Student Teaching in Middle and Secondary Schools
  • The Process of Teaching Learning in Secondary and Middle Schools
  • Lab in Personality Psychology:  Qualitative Methods
  • Whiteness, Racism and Inequality in Schools and Society
  • Whiteness: The Other Side of Racism.
  • Researching Race and Racism in Education


My research interest focuses on the role of race and racism in schooling.  I am particularly interested in how college students in general and teacher education students and veteran teachers in particular, both white and of color, learn about and teach in ways that challenge dominant racial ideologies. My current research examines the ways in which Web 2.0 Technologies in educational settings can be used to promote antiracism and social justice.

Recent Publications

Lawrence, S. M. & Tatum, B. D. (2004). White educators as allies: Moving from awareness to action (revised). In M. Fine, L. Weiss, L. Powell, L. Pruitt and A. Burns (Eds.). Off/White: Readings on power, privilege and resistance, 2nd edition, (pp.362-372). NY: Routledge.

Lawrence, S. M. (1998). Research, writing and racial identity: Cross-disciplinary connections for multicultural education. The Teacher Educator, 34 (1).

Lawrence, S. M. (1998). Unveiling positions of privilege: A hands-on approach to understanding racism. Teaching of Psychology, 25, (3) 198-200.

Lawrence, S. M. (1997). Beyond race awareness: White racial identity and multicultural teaching. The Journal of Teacher Education, 48 (2), 108-117.

Lawrence, S.M. & Pliner, S.M. (2008). Learning about whiteness in a first-year seminar: Challenging self and others. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 19, (2&3), 51-86).