Jennifer M. Matos

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education; Director of Middle, Secondary and the Arts Teacher Licensure Programs

Jen Matos is a licensed high school teacher and an educational researcher. Their research is focused on racial identities in classroom settings. They are currently working with students on two different research projects. In the first project, they and their research team are examining the student and familial longitudinal effects of a single-sex STEM program in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the second project, they are collecting and comparing data on Puerto Rican parental academic engagement in Holyoke, Massachusetts and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Jen Matos

Sarah Frenette

Director of Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher Licensure Programs; Teacher Licensure Coordinator

Sarah Frenette is an early childhood educator, and a teacher educator. She serves as the Director of Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher Education and is the Coordinator of Teacher Licensure for Five Colleges, Inc. She takes pride in working with pre-service teachers that aspire to teach learners of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in literacy, inclusion, curriculum design and reflective practice. Frenette is also the track chair for the Education Policy and Practice Nexus. She learns something new about teaching and learning, and about herself each day.

Sarah Frenette


Cheryl McGraw

Academic Department Coordinator
Photograph of Cheryl McGraw