2015 Auditions for Productions

Auditions for Hereafter an adaptation of Macbeth by Jenny Daniels '16

Rooke Theatre
Date: January 21 from 6:30-9:00pm & January 22 from 6:00-7:30pm
Performance Dates: April 14-17, 2016

Ideally, come prepared with one short (less than 3 minute) classic monologue, otherwise you will be given a side to read from the script.

Script can be found here.

Callbacks will be on January 22 from 7:30-9:00pm


Individual Character Descriptions: 

MACBETH - A noble thane who witnesses the Weird Sisters’ prophecy, becomes gripped by ambition, and consequently murders his king. Quickly descends into tyrannical madness.

LADY MACBETH - A strong, determined woman with high ambitions for herself and her husband. A master manipulator.

WEIRD SISTERS - Three mysterious creatures who appear to prophesize the future. Their motives are unknown.

BANQUO - Macbeth’s closest friend who also witnesses the Weird Sisters’ prophecy. A good hearted but ill-fated man.

FLEANCE - The young son of Banquo.

MACDUFF - A thane of Scotland driven by justice and, later, by personal revenge.

DUNCAN - The king of Scotland.

MALCOLM and DONALBAIN - The sons of Duncan.

SEYTON - Macbeth’s right hand man.

ROSS/LENNOX/ANGUS/CAITHNESS/MENTEITH/OLD SIWARD/YOUNG SIWARD - Lords, thanes and soldiers of Scotland with good intentions.

LADY MACDUFF - Wife of Macduff and mother to several young children.

OTHER PARTS - Porter/Sergeant/Murderers/Messengers/Servants/Attendants/Soldiers/Ghosts.

We will be casting about 13 people who will play the following roles: 

Actor 1 - Macbeth
Actor 2 - Lady Macbeth
Actor 3 - Weird Sister/Apparition/Angus
Actor 4 - Weird Sister/Apparition/Old Siward
Actor 5 - Weird Sister/Apparition/Messenger
Actor 6 - Banquo/Seyton
Actor 7 - Macduff/Sergeant
Actor 8 - Fleance/Lady Macduff/Gentlewoman/Young Siward
Actor 9 - Malcolm/Porter
Actor 10 - Donalbain/Doctor/Murderer/Messenger
Actor 11 - Ross/Menteith
Actor 12 - Lennox/Murderer
Actor 13 - Duncan/Murderer/Caithness

Rooke Theatre is located at the south side of campus at the corner of Lower Lake Rd. and Morgan St. across from the Gorse parking lot.