Crew Cards

Print and return form to 100 Rooke Theatre to get your card(s)

Production Crew Card

Every major must complete the production card. Once students declare the Theatre Arts major they must meet with their advisor to go over the major requirements including the production card. Courses that are required for the major may include a lab component. Labs for these courses are graded by the Crew Head and require the student to be involved in a prep crew for the whole semester or a running crew during one show.

  • Prep crews involve at least 24 hours of outside classroom work for the whole semester. 
  • Running crew will require the student to attend a production run-through before the start of the technical week and to be available and present during every technical rehearsal and performance through strike. 
  • Students taking Intro to Theatre (THEAT100) and Acting I (THEAT105) are required to assist the House Manager or Publicist for at least one performance per production in a semester by ushering or postering, unless they are acting in the production. 
  • During the senior year, every major must house manage or serve as the publicist for a production under the supervision and guidance of the theatre Business Manager.

Please Note:

  • Approval from a Crew Head (Shawn Hill /Scene Shop; Elaine Bergeron/Costume Shop; Lara Dubin/Lighting-Sound) is required to sign up for a Prep Crew or Run Crew.
  • Project Theatre or an equivalent experience does not count for production card credit.
  • Any crew completed at another school must be approved before the fact by filling out the request form found on next page.
  • A student does not have to wait for a course requirement to fulfill a crew for the production card. 
  • Speak to a crew head (Technical Director; Costumer, or Lighting & Sound Supervisor) to sign up for a preparation crew. 
  • Running crew slots are posted on the Production Chart. 
  • If possible, see the Business Manager during the previous year to guarantee a House Management position.

Off-Campus Crew Card Crew

Work at another College

Students may fulfill crew requirements by working on a show at one of the other four College Theatre Departments. The crew requirement must correspond in length and type of work to the MHC Theatre crew which it replaces. You must get permission in advance from the MHC Faculty or Staff member in charge of that crew area.