Mount Holyoke’s theatre arts faculty teach introductory through advanced courses in performance and directing, playwriting, all aspects of design and technical theatre, and history/theory.

Some courses require a student’s participation in a preparation or running crew on a major production on one of the Five College campuses.

Auditions for MHC productions are open to all students from the Five Colleges.

First-Year Students

The Theatre Arts department offers numerous courses for first-year students. Whether you have prior experience working in theatre or are brand new to the field, you will find a welcoming environment and a class that is right for you.

We offer introductory courses in the fundamentals of acting, design, costume construction, and technical theatre, as well as a broad introductory course on theatre. These courses are both fun and challenging. Many of them are prerequisites for intermediate and advanced work in theatre, and most satisfy the college’s humanities distribution requirement. If you are enthusiastic (or even just curious) about theatre, please do consider taking one of our first-year courses.

First-year students may also audition to act in department plays or serve on artistic and production teams for mainstage shows. Participation in these activities is considered classwork, and students receive practicum credit through the department for their involvement.

Finally, we hope that you will become a regular audience member at Rooke Theatre. 

Full descriptions for theatre courses are available in the course catalog. We look forward to seeing you at Rooke!