Crew Lab Requirements

Crew Lab Requirements


Some courses may require a student's participation in a preparation or a running crew on a major production on one of the five campuses. One such crew will satisfy a student's lab requirement for courses taken in a single semester.

Prep Crew 
in costume, lighting, and scenic preparation require up to 24 hours of outside classroom work for the semester.  Every crew is different and every production is different from every other show, so time commitments may vary from semester to semester.  Arrangements must be made at the beginning of the semester with the crew head.  Lighting prep may have some day, evening and/or weekend work.

Running Crews
vary from production to production, but generally will begin the day before Tech Rehearsal and continue with technical, dress rehearsals and performances through clsoing performance.

Students taking 100-Intro to Theatre are required to sign up to assist with "Front of House" duties working with the House Manager(s) for one or two evenings per production, or assisting with poster/flyer distribution, or possibly working a shift in the box office.  Sign up sheet on Business Manager's door, room 100. 

Failure to fulfill a crew will result in a significant reduction in your grade.