Crew Sign Up

How to Sign Up for Crew

  • Read all the information in this handbook before selecting a crew. Writing your name on the crew Production Chart constitutes a contract between you and the producing organization, the Department of Theatre Arts.
  • Production Chart is located in the lower hallway of the theatre building opposite the soda machine.
  • Positions denoted above the solid dark blue line require special permission from the faculty or staff person in charge of that position. You may obtain the name of the appropriate person from the Technical Director.
  • A specific - and limited - number of spaces is available for each crew. DO NOT ADD a space for your name if the spaces provided are filled.
  • Put your name on the Production Chart (please print, in pencil). Within the first week of classes, submit a completed schedule card to the person in charge of that crew to arrange a work schedule. Schedule cards are located to the left of the production chart.
  • If you drop the class, please inform the Technical Director (Suzanne) or Theatre Mgr. (Barbara) that you are removing your name from the production chart.
  • If you are cast in a production and wish to substitute the acting assignment for a crew for which you have previously contracted, notify the person in charge of that crew that you are removing your name from the Production Chart. Normally a production is cast before crew work begins. As a safeguard you should sign up for a crew before auditioning.
  • It is your responsibility to check the production Call Board daily to see if there are any notices pertaining to you or your crew.