Crew Sign Up

How to Sign Up for Crew

  • Once you've decided on what crew you would like to join you will sign up on the Production Chart. Writing your name on the crew Production Chart constitutes a contract between you and the producing organization, the Department of Theatre Arts.
  • The Production Chart is located in the lower hallway of the theatre building opposite the water fountain & lockers.
  • Positions denoted above the solid dark blue line require special permission from the faculty or staff person in charge of that position. Costumes—Elaine(rm.207); Lighting—Lara(rm.203); Technical/Sets—Shawn(rm.106); HouseManager/FrontofHouse—Barbara(rm.100) 
  • A specific - and limited - number of spaces is available for each crew. DO NOT ADD a space for your name if the spaces provided are filled.
  • Put your name on the Production Chart (please print, in pencil). Within the first week of classes, submit a completed schedule card to the person in charge of that crew to arrange a work schedule. Schedule cards are located to the left of the production chart.
  • If you drop the class, please inform the staff person in charge of the crew that you are removing your name from the production chart.