The Thematic Minor in Comparative Literature and Transnational Studies (CLTS)

This minor is intended for students who want to study literature and culture outside the national borders in which their academic study has traditionally been circumscribed. It reflects the recent development of transnational studies and its largely unappreciated affiliation with the origins and history of comparative literature. Bringing the study of languages, literature, the visual and performing arts, and the social sciences together, the minor introduces students both to transnational cultural forms and to the diverse disciplinary methods used to understand them.



  • A minimum of 16 academic credits


  • The Gateway Course: English 221*, Introduction to Comparative and Transnational Studies
  • Three additional 4-credit courses, chosen in consultation with the thematic minor director or chair of the minor, from the following faculty-approved list for the minor. The choices must span at least two disciplines or programs and must include at least one course at the 300 level.
    • English 101, East-West
    • English 220/Critical Social Thought 249, Enlightenment and Modernity
    • English 334, Projects in Critical Thought
    • Film Studies 203/Spanish 240, Visual Cultures: An Introduction: Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Film
    • Film Studies 380/Spanish 340, Advanced Studies in Visual Cultures: Natural’s Not in It: Pedro Almodóvar
    • Politics 100, Family Ties
    • Politics 211, Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
    • Theater 251, Histories of Performance I
    • Theater 252, Histories of Performance II


  • Independent study (295 or 395) with any faculty of the committee may be included.
  • Students, with approval of the chair of this minor, may satisfy minor requirements with subject-based courses taught in any language, intermediate language courses in their second language, or beginning ones in a third language (or beyond). CLTS intends in this way to foster the study of languages at Mount Holyoke beyond what the College now requires.
  • After consultation with the chair, students choose a minor advisor from the committee.
  • Other courses at Mount Holyoke College or the Five Colleges may be included with permission of the student’s advisor. However, no more than one course toward the minor may be taken at other schools in the Five Colleges.