Class Advisors/Deans and staff provide academic guidance and support for all students and will help you develop and evaluate your educational plan.  They will provide you with accurate information about policies, procedures, resources, and programs. If you need help to determine your degree requirements, to change majors or academic advisors, or even to discuss registration issues, you can schedule an appointment by calling 413-538-2855.

During the fall and spring semesters, class advisors are available for 5-10 minute drop-in appointments.  The drop-in schedule is posted at the beginning of each semester and students do not need to schedule an appointment.  For quick conversations or urgent matters, come to our office during a drop-in hour.

Dean of Studies

Geoffrey Sumi supports and oversees the work of the academic deans and class advisors. Working closely with the registrar, he administers the academic regulations of the College set by the faculty.  He also chairs the Academic Administrative Board and the Committee on Fellowships. View Faculty Profile.

Dean for the Senior Class

Leah Glasser focuses on offering additional academic guidance to seniors as they progress toward graduation and shape their goals for the future; she also supports faculty advisors and department chairs in their work with seniors.  Glasser has been a member of the English department since 1980, teaching American literature and creative writing. View Faculty Profile.

Class Advisor for Sophomores and Juniors

Kim Parent supports the academic progress of students in the sophomore and junior classes by meeting individually with students in need of guidance or assistance.  She works closely with the senior administrative assistants to provide programming in line with the needs of the students.  Kim also serves as a member of the Academic Administrative Board.  She has been working with MHC students since 2006 through various positions on campus.

Class Advisor for First-Year Students

Luigi Solla  provides academic and transitional guidance to new students in their first-year at the College.  In this role, Luigi also oversees the pre-major advisor assignment for first-year students, and serves as a member of the Academic Administrative Board.

Senior Administrative Assistant

Katie Walker supports the Class Advisors, the Associate Dean of Studies/Dean for the Senior Class, and the Dean of Studies.  She serves as Office Manager and helps to coordinate academic events and programs on campus. Katie works closely with the Dean of Studies as Chair of the Academic Administrative Board advising students on the petition process, and processes leaves, readmission and withdrawal applications.  Katie is currently supporting the Twelve College Exchange Program.  Additionally, Katie coordinates the ALANA Scholars Research Program, the Mount Holyoke Summer Research Fellowship, and is a member of the LEAP Symposium Committee.

National Fellowships and Graduate School

Christine Overstreet, National Fellowships and Graduate School Advisor
Marianne Taylor, Administrative Assistant