Summer 2012 Recipients

Sandra Chen 2014
A Social Inquiry on Gender in Non-Hierarchical Communities in Copenhagen, Denmark

Nora Cunningham 2013
College Readiness: Finding Alternatives to Testing, New York, NY

Dianne Laguerta 2013
American Missionaries and Coptic Cairo, Egypt

Breonna Ligon-Hollinger 2013
Cultures of Coping: A Study of Racial and Race Related Stress, South Hadley, MA

Christiana Macauley 2014
New Maternity Health Policy in Sierra Leone, Freetown

Ashley Malone 2013 FP
The Group and Their Early Plays, Yale University

Molly McBride 2014
Summer of Solutions, Minneapolis, MN

Ahdi Mohammed 2013
Perceptions of Used versus Unused Land: A Case Study of Land Grab, Gambella, Ethiopia