First-Year Faculty Advising

An Introduction to Advising at MHC

The Mount Holyoke academic advising system has as its guiding principle the belief that academic advising is a natural component and extension of faculty teaching. The quality of academic advising thus depends on the active participation of all faculty and the commitment of faculty members to advising excellence.


Faculty Advisors will receive relevant materials for advising new students in the fall and can consult with Kim Parent, Assistant Dean of Studies and Class Dean for New Students, throughout the year.

Dialogue and Tools

Being a "good" advisor begins with good listening and involves engaging students in dialogue rather than merely conveying "advice".

The key tools for good advising are to:

  •   Learn about the needs and preparation of your advisees
  •   Know the curriculum and requirements and know where to refer students
  •   Clarify the terms of your advising relationship from the start

Here are some useful links to key information

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Suggestions and Policies

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