First-Year Advising

All new Mount Holyoke students are assigned a premajor faculty advisor who can offer guidance about selecting courses and creating an academic plan. Mount Holyoke strives to match advisors and advisees based on areas of interest and possible majors.  We obtain this information from the Advisor Questionnaire, which each new student is required to complete.  The questionnaire becomes available to fall entrants at the end of May and to spring entrants at the end of October.  It must be submitted by June 30 (fall entrants) or December 1 (spring entrants).  To complete the questionnaire:

  • Log in to my.mtholyoke
  • Select "Students" from the Self-Service Menu
  • Select "Academic Records"
  • Select "Inform Your Advisor"
  • Click on the link under "New Student's Initial Info for Advisor"

Depending on your semester of entry, your advisor's name will be available to you on my.mtholyoke in late August or late January. The first time you meet your advisor is during Orientation. At this first meeting, you'll discuss the courses for which you preregistered. First-year students frequently change their schedules based on advice they receive. After the initial  meeting, you should be sure to schedule a follow-up appointment within the first two weeks of the semester, at mid-semester, and again during the official advising period (November and April). As new academic interests evolve, be sure to discuss them with your advisor at any point in a semester.

Remember, your first faculty advisor is your premajor advisor. Until you declare your major, you and your advisor should discuss the range of academic options available to you. Talk to your advisor about your interests and goals. Making academic decisions can be a complex process, so your advisor may suggest that you seek additional advice from specific department chairs or faculty members. If you are interested in pre-med/pre-health studies, you should consult with the Office of Pre-Health Programs early in the first semester of your first year.